Preparing for fire season and cleaning up your property? Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue and Lake Wenatchee Fire Adapted Communities are offering several cost-free programs; Loaning of hand tools for brushing,home fire evaluations and free brush chipping as an alternative to burning throughout the Summer. Provided through a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology LWFR has purchased our own brush chipper! Our Seasonal Staff is available to chip your brush now through October. Sign up at: or email for more info.
Acceptable Piles & Access:
-Woody Limbs and Branches only, up to 8” Inches in Diameter.
-Piles Only-Must be hand piled
-Piles must be easily accessed by a truck pulling a chipper. As close to the roadway or driveway as    possible 5’-10’ feet.
-Limit Pile size to 5’ Feet tall
-Must be piled so cut ends are facing the road.
-If access is poor, chipping may be denied or we may ask you to make it more accessible.