Smoka alarm 2 Newspapers across the country recently carried the heartbreaking story of a three year old boy who died in a Spokane area house fire.  The boy was found clutching his teddy bear with his dog huddled next to him.   This tragedy got nationwide attention, but sadly, it didn’t have to happen.  The boy’s home didn’t have a working smoke detector in the house. This isn’t the only house without working smoke alarms.  We run into them all the time in our Lake Wenatchee community.  Does your home have a working smoke alarm in every sleeping space?  Outside each sleeping space?  One on every floor of the house?  Are your batteries fresh? Your fire department will check your smoke alarms for free and correct any deciencies found.  All alarms installed by LWFR have batteries with a 10 year life span which eliminates the need for annual battery replacement.  Labor is included and it is all free. Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Request your free inspection through the web site or call your LWFR Fire Prevention Coordinator, Bill Moffat at 206-455-4870.  COMMENTS