skanskaBy: Lake Wenatchee State Park

Skanksa Construction, an international firm with offices in Seattle completed a three-day volunteer effort here at Lake Wenatchee State Park like I’ve never experienced before.

These fine folks heard of our storm-damage and salvage logging “challenge” and offered to help. Did they ever! They arrived last Friday, complete with a mini excavator, tractor, self-dumping trailers, hand tools . . . and about 40 people. Everyone was gathered by 8 a.m. Saturday for a safety talk, plan of attack, and a round of stretching exercises before breaking off into teams. In the wake of the timber salvage / sale in our North Park, they raked, shoveled, and dragged slash into piles, which they then machine-loaded into trucks, hauled off, and burned.

From Friday afternoon through Sunday morning Skanska Construction gathered and disposed of an enormous volume of woody debris – many dozens of dump truck and trailer loads. And they built us a few replacement picnic tables while they were at it. They donated nearly 400 man-hours of time to this park, not including travel time, equipment costs, and fuel. Their organization, attitude, work ethic and professionalism were so impressive, and a testament to the quality of the firm they work for.

With their help, we will be opening the North Campground to campers this weekend, May 10. For more information about our clean up effort and how you can help, go to

Our heartfelt thanks to the fine people of Skanska Construction!

– The Lake Wenatchee Crew

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  • jbk51691 May 7, 2013, 10:33 am

    We were in the park last weekend and were quite impressed with all the work that was done in such a short amount of time. It looks really good. Once the campgrounds are ready to be opened they can then start focusing on the rest of the park/trails in and around the park. Its good this group helped because that is the kind of machinery and man power that was needed to clean up this large scale job and there still is more to do. What a great service they provided.