Lake Wenatchee wastewater system rates….

CaptureThe Chelan PUD will hold public meetings to discuss proposed rate hikes on wastewater and freshwater systems operated by the PUD, one of those being the wastewater system at Lake Wenatchee. The meetings will take place Monday, February 3rd at 5:30 PM in the PUD auditorium in Wenatchee  and on Saturday, February 8th at 1:30 PM at the Leavenworth office of the PUD, directly behind the fire station on the Chumstick Highway in Leavenworth.

The proposed rates if approved would be effective March 1, 2014.  The current wastewater rate is $61.80 per month for a single family residence and the proposal would increase that rate $5.70 a month to 67.50.  The monthly rate when this system was put into service in 1993 was $27 a month.  The current monthly rate for a single family residence in Wenatchee is $22.00 a month.

When this system was proposed to the public the PUD operated under what is called by some a \’one utility\’ concept, meaning to us that all services provided by the PUD were of the same utility district and non-power services such as wastewater, freshwater( and now fiber)  rates were stabilized and subsidized by the sale of surplus power. That was the operating business model at the time we, at considerable expense, bought into this system.  The last several years the PUD has been moving away from that one-utility concept as a result of a strategic planning process which the PUD says determined that the ratepayer- owners of the PUD wanted each business line of the utility district to be financially self-sustaining.  Many of us feel that these conclusions come from a flawed process and that the PUD has abandoned a commitment made by the PUD under the one-utility concept.

Please come to one of the announced meetings to hear the PUD proposal and let the PUD hear your perspective of the issue.

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