Lake Wenatchee/Nason Creek/Wenatchee River rise

IMG_3515As predicted in the post of Oct 30th, Lake Wenatchee, the Wenatchee River and Nason Creek have all risen significantly in the last 48 hours. On the South shore of Lake Wenatchee the rise has been between 5 and six feet and appears to be rising still which may continue after more overnight rain.  Haven’t yet seen any canoes, boats, kayaks or other beach toys adrift coming down the lake yet but usually do when this happens.   The attached photo by Mike Stanford is of Nason Creek on Saturday.

A person obviously much smarter than I am has computed that with a five rise in the level of the 2480 acres of Lake Wenatchee, we have added 540,144,000 cubic feet or 60,016,000 cubic yards of water to the lake.

UPDATE:  8:45 am NOV 2:  The lake level has dropped 7″ since y’day at the Kane boathouse on N. Shore