Updated 3-30 Still need to find owner of this dock.
loose dock 17Mar2013
On March 17th the dock pictured was reported adrift on the North Shore of the lake. It could have been pulled away from it\’s moorings by the ice leaving the lake or may have been one of the dock sections stored off-season at the West end of the lake. I checked with a North Shore resident today today and the dock is still in the vicinity of the 16600 block of North Shore Drive. It is a commercially manufactured unit and is dragging a large steel anchor of some kind with it. If you determine this dock is yours- please be sure to take the anchor with it when you take the dock home and do not leave it on the bottom at it\’s present location.

Someone’s dock floated in along with the ice breakup and today’s high wind.

What: a nice dock, about  8ft x 20ft, black maybe rubber top and aluminum sides, with several red colored rollers attached to the sides.

Where: NW side of Lake Wenatchee, about 1/2 way downlake, directly across Lake from Camp Fire Girls Camp, about 8 cabins south of Brown Road.

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