Lost Tool Box…

Update April 13 6:30am:

I don’t want to waste you guys’ time too much but I just wanted to thank you again and let you know that your efforts paid off for me.

Perhaps you wouldn’t mind posting a public thank you to Kay and Doug; two (unrelated) ponderosa residents who made my week and put a skip in my step today. Kay is away from the ponderosa at the moment but still checks the lakewenatcheeinfo.com site and the nextdoor.com site for the ponderosa neighborhood. She saw the post you guys kindly put up for me and the post Doug put up on the nextdoor.com site after he found my toolbox. She put 2+2 together, gave me a call and put me in touch with Doug.

You just have to love this area and the people in it. A “shout out’ also to Hannah who reminded me that people around here are generally good and that social media can be a great tool and that led me to contact lakewenatcheeinfo.com. Otherwise I would have just gone about my grumpy ways, moaning about my loss, and possibly would never have got my tools back.

Thanks to all and remember to ‘pay it forward’ when the opportunity presents itself ‘cos you never know when it’s going to come ’round to you and it feels so good when it does!


If you happen to find a toolbox along the Chumstick… here is a chance to increase your Karma Count.

I’m an idiot… I drove off from my work site in Chiwawa River Pines with my tailgate open. Headed through Plain, down the Chumstick to Marson & Marson.

I retraced my route back up the Chumstick to the job site looking out for the box and/or any debris if it had popped open when it fell out of the truck bed. Saw nothing, if any good Samaritan picked it up and wouldn’t mind returning it.

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