Lower Nason XC Ski

Ask cross country skiers if they have skied out the Nason Ridge trails, and you are likely to hear “oh no, that has much too much climbing for me”.  What they don’t know is that there are two different destinations when you ski out the Nason Ridge Trail from the South East corner of Kahler Glen.  The Nason Ridge trail can be skied to access Nason Ridge, or you can ski out to the end of the trail, what is commonly called Lower Nason, or Butcher Creek.

Lower Nason is a 8.5 mile out and back ski with a two modest climbs.  The first is a climb of 150′ over the “hump” above Nason Creek and the second is a more gentle climb of 300′ over a mile after  the second crossing underneath the power lines.  You will pass two trail junctions that climb to the right, these  are the two ends of the Nason Ridge loop.  If you keep going straight at each of these junctions, the trail will drop down to a bridge over Kahler Creek and continue on to the turn around at the Western gate to the property.  There are nice views to the west.  You will cross in and out of the Weyerhaeuser clear cuts, and see some of the sustainably managed forest that abuts the recently purchased Nason Ridge property.

Current grooming conditions for the Nason Ridge Trails can be found under the reports menu,  here.