LWFR registry of current/past health care providors

 Dear Neighbors and Friends,

As we plan and prepare for times of uncertainty LWFR is attempting to put into place a variety of contingencies. One of those is to establish a registry of current and past health care providers to include; Dr(s), Nurse(s), Paramedic(s), EMT(s), Counselor(s), Mental Health Specialist(s), etc. There may come a time when the skills will be needed locally, the state may do an “emergent re-certification or licensing” process to ensure a more rapid deployment when needed. We will not share this registry outside our Fire District. If so inclined please email me directly at lwfrchief@lwfr.org

Your info should include: Name, Skill Level, Email Address, Phone Number

Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve. Remember we can work together to meet the needs of our community while ensuring our own safety.

Stay safe

Mick Lamar,  Chief,  Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue