Mail Delivery Info for Level 2 Evac Area

Here is the latest information on Postal Mail delivery for the areas under Level II Evacuation.

For those residents of Chiwawa loop road and Chiwawa River Pines who are on Level 2 evacuation. You can pick up your mail and packages at the post office in Leavenworth. As a second option you can check with the post office about authorizing someone else to pick up your mail for you. As a third option, assuming you are still on level 2 evacuation on Monday August 27th , is to call the post office and ask to have the your mail brought up to between Plain Grocery and Plain Hardware on Tuesday the 28th of August. If you pre arrange on Monday your mail will be available in Plain from Sandra approximately between 11 am and 12:30 PM. Otherwise it will remain at the post office. When the level 2 is reduced mail delivery will resume as normal. Doing one of these three options will reduce Sandra’s delivery volume when the evacuation level is reduced. Please have your ID with you at the Post Office and also have it with you if you meet Sandra on the 28th.