Mezcla Cuban All Stars Snowy Owl Theater

CaptureDirect from Cuba, Pablo “Mezcla” Menendez & Afro Cuban All Stars

Fusing Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz, Mezcla’s music is a genuine celebration of the culture and musical roots of the Pearl of the Antilles. A ray of Havana sunshine that inspired Carlos Santana to call them “the cleanest, freshest water I have ever tasted!” Mezcla brings together several veteran masters with some the best of young players on the scene today. The all-star quintet includes conga master and Afro Cuban babalao priest Octavio Rodriguez, the celebrated super-percussionist El Capitan, veteran bass-monster Jose Hermida and multi-instrumental wizard Julio Valdez, as well as guitarist and band leader, Pablo “Mezcla” Menendez. Mezlca’s music has been described as “an extraordinary celebration of Cuba’s dance and song […] infused with the most electrifying elements of Afro-Caribbean heritage.” ( They have a number of recordings under their belt including “Cantos” (with Lázaro Ros) and “¡Akimba!” (2003 Khaeon). Their latest CD was released in January 2010 on the Zoho label and is entitled “See You in C-U-B-A.”

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