Moose poaching information sought

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police are investigating the recent poaching of an adult moose near Meadow Creek, in the Lake Wenatchee area of Chelan County. Only a small number of Moose exist near Lake Wenatchee and there is no established hunting season for them. The carcass was found in a clearing not more than 50 yards from the road. Only the head and some portions of meat were taken leaving the rest to waste.

Officers are examining evidence recovered from the scene and reviewing security footage from roads in the vicinity. They are asking anyone with information to call the WDFW Wenatchee District Office at 509-662-0452 and ask to speak with Officer Tucker. Those who provide information leading to an arrest may be eligible for a cash reward or bonus points for special permit hunting opportunities.

Killing a moose out of season carries a maximum penalty of $5000 and up to one year in jail, or both. It also carries an additional criminal wildlife penalty of $4000.  Facebook Comments & Discussion