Nason Ridge Update

This has been a very busy week for the team working on saving Nason Ridge.  If you haven’t had a chance to sign on the online petition please take a moment and add your name to the 1750 or so community members, visitors and concerned citizens that have signed on so far.  Petition Link

Weyerhaeuser has agreed to suspend road building and hold off on logging while negotiations continue.  The photo above is of a new access road that runs from the top of the ridge to just above the Nason Ridge Trail.  One more day and the middle segment of Nason Ridge Trail would look like this.  The voices of the community were key in getting this suspension.

In addition to suspending the road building and logging, Weyerhaeuser has reopened the Nason Ridge Trail.

The next steps will be a formal negotiation between Weyerhaeuser and a Land Trust to determine a price for the land and timber.  This process will take a number of months to complete, we will update you as more details become available.  In the mean time we have received excellent press coverage from the Wenatachee World and a reprint in the Seattle times.

Wenatchee World Article

Seattle Times Article