Nason Ridge Winter Update

We thought we would take just a moment of your time to give you an update on the Save Nason Ridge Project. Weyerhaeuser has agreed to suspend logging and road building while a purchase agreement is being negotiated with the Chelan Douglas Land Trust and Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC). WRC has successfully negotiated a number of purchase agreements with Weyerhaeuser and we are very happy to be teaming with them on this project. We hope to have an agreement to purchase the Nason Ridge property, including the area used for cross-country skiing along the ridge and down towards Coles Corner, in the first half of 2018. Continuing to gather public support is the most important contribution you can make at this time, please continue to circulate our online petition, here is a link you can email to friends or post on social media:

The cross-country ski trails above Nason Creek and up the backside of Nason Ridge are all groomed and the snowshoe trail up Nason Ridge is open. Please come enjoy this wonderful winter resource. To check ski trail grooming status see the Lake Wenatchee XC Grooming Status page.

Thank you for your continued support.

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