Need to get rid of brush or slash?

storm-damage_SnapseedGot some storm cleanup to do? Want to reduce the danger of forest fire?

Terry Morgan has provided this good info to help you get rid of slash, brush, etc:

Several weeks ago I heard that DNR was planning on coming to the Lake Wenatchee area to chip brush piles that people had accumulated on their property due to cleanup from last winter’s storm. I called DNR and they assured me that they had such a program and it was an effort on their part to help residents reduce the danger of forest fire this summer and to encourage property owners to maintain a fire break around their homes.

Today I re-contacted DNR and was told that hiring a contractor to do the chipping was contingent on getting enough people to sign up for the service so that it would be cost-effective.

How you can help make this happen: The way to do this is to call DNR and speak to Joe Weeks. His number is 509-925-0972. If we have a dry summer, the fire danger will be very high due to all the fuel on the ground as a result of the downed trees brought down by the storm. Burning is one option, but if you are overwhelmed by the amount of debris then having it chipped is another option. Please give Joe Weeks a call if you need this service.

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  • Tom Roberts June 23, 2013, 6:25 pm

    Did this happen and I missed it? I spoke with Joe Weeks and was on the list, but he didn’t contact me back. Just wondering if the program got canceled.