CaptureThe North Park area of Lake Wenatchee State Park will be closed to all entry effective Tuesday, February 17 for a small timber sale.  We are removing a little over 100 trees that are infected with root disease.  This is a “clean-up” operation, following up from a much larger-scale effort several years ago.  We have identified several isolated pockets of infection at the edges of that initial project that needs to be addressed prior to the next camping season.

We would prefer to not close one of the few remaining areas where groomed cross-country skiing is still available, but snow cover is needed to protect vegetation and soils from the heavy equipment used in the removal of these infected trees.

As long as our snow holds out, we will continue to offer groomed ski trails, sledding, and snowshoe trails in our South Park and Kahler Glen areas.

The North Park should reopen to the public by mid-March.

Rick Halstead
Park Manager
Lake Wenatchee State Park

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