Open burning permitted October 1st

1-ATTENDED-BURNING-DANGER-LOW-jpeg_thumb.jpgBeginning October 1st outdoor burning is once again permitted subject to the following restrictions:

Ø Only natural, untreated vegetation may be burned
Ø The pile must not be larger than 4′ x 4′ x 3′
Ø A person capable of extinguishing the fire must attend at all times
Ø The fire must be fully extinguished before leaving it
Ø A water supply shall be readily available for use at burning site
Ø Fires shall not be located within 50′ of structures
Ø Only one pile may be burned at a time
Ø Burning is limited to 1/2 hour after sunrise to 1/2 hour before sunset
Ø To reduce smoke, fire should be well ventilated and fuel should be dry
Ø Burn barrels are not allowed

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