ORV’s damaging cross-country trails


Help Requested from Chiwawa Pines Residents.  In the last few days considerable damage has been done to the cross country ski trails by ORVs apparently originating in Chiwawa Pines.  Please pass along the word that ORVs are not allowed on the trails and are creating a problem if you have information about the source of this problem please contact the State Park at the number below. As quoted from the groomer operators daily reports:

1/16/16 General Conditions:   “PLEASE be on the lookout for illegal ATV operation. If you see any motorized vehicles on the trail system, please report to us immediately at 509 630 0038″.

1/15/16  General Conditions:   Excellent.   ORV’s apparently accessing from the  Chiwawa River Pines community operating illegally on the See & Ski trail did a lot of damage. Groomers working on repairs this morning.