Pink Feat & Soul Alive Charity Event at the Rec Club

CaptureSoul Alive is non-profit run by volunteers. Our team has spent the last 5 years focusing on breast cancer under the team name of Pink Feat. So far we have raised about $140,000 for Susan G. Komen. We are really excited to branch out under Soul Alive and touch the lives of those in our local communities.

Our focus is helping individuals and families in local communities whose lives have been affected by disease. When disease hits, whether it be diseases of the heart or lungs, ALS, breast cancer, etc., your life gets taken down an unexpected path.  Our volunteer team has personal experience with various diseases and we know how much it means to receive a helping hand, a gift of money for medical bills, ready to bake meals, wigs, hats, clothes for your kids, gift baskets or anything of the like.  We are here to take the edge off!

For more information, please see our Flyer.

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