In August 2017 the Chelan County Commissioners adopted a resolution amending our county code that placed severe constrictions on outdoor growing of marijuana in Chelan County. Many were relieved in their belief that this signaled the end of controversy over the  marijuana growing operation on Beaver Valley Road in Plain, about ¼ mile North of Plain Hardware. Apparently that is not so. The issue has again come alive with the application of the owner of that site to the state to renew his Tier 3 growing license at that location and to expand the license to include processing of marijuana at the location. The state Liquor and Cannabis Control Board gives no import to County Code provisions that would disallow operations at this site, to public safety concerns or to numerous objections by citizens to the licensing of marijuana operations at the site. The existing growing permit was renewed by the state 11-20-2018. It is uncertain if the license will again be actually used, if growing will resume at the location or if, now,  processing might take place there. One thing is certain- the time for public input on this application is short so it’s imperative that the community make their feelings known on the possibility that a marijuana growing/processing operation in “downtown” Plain could once again be a reality. Comments one way or the other on the license renewal must be submitted by December 17th and, along with your other comments, should note that the existing license has not been used by the holder in over one year. The comments must include the name of the applicant Alto Buddha, the license number 419833, and the location of the operation at 18800 Beaver Valley Road, Leavenworth, WA. They should be sent to the Liquor/Cannabis Control Board and our County Commissioners at:


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