Chelan PUD Commissioners provided funding for increasing access to the Wenatchee River near the Plain Substation in the 2017 budget. During the fall of 2017, Chelan County PUD improved the area around the Plain Substation, which is located on River Road in Plain. The project included a parking area adjacent to the substation, installed trash containers, constructed a concrete slab for sanitary “Porta-Potty” facilities, and created a trail to the Wenatchee River.

Ensuring safe public access to the Wenatchee River was a priority identified as eligible for Public Power Benefit Program funds and included in the PUD’s 2015 Strategic Plan. Public Power Benefit projects are designed to increase quality of life in Chelan County and to provide the best for the most for the longest period of time.

The area is now closed for the winter. Please do not use the area for parking or river access. And please, no garbage – there won’t be service until spring. We will reach out to the community when the area is open again in the spring. You can also check out our webpage:

Send questions to or call Teka Sellers at (509) 661-4294