PUD Update Thursday Morning

On Thursday morning at 6:00AM, the Incident Management Team met at the PUD in Wenatchee to review plans for work today and to establish concurrence with regard to winding down operations under the Unified Command Structure. Today crews will continue to work together to address the on-going effort to restore access and power in the Plain-Lake Wenatchee area but since good progress has been made securing incident objectives, the need for intensive inter-agency coordination has diminished and it has been determined that the systems of communication and coordination that were established with the IMT will be an effective framework moving forward. The unified command will come to an end, but work by the PUD and Chelan County will continue and cooperation will be maintained.

Chelan County Public Works:
Yesterday, Public Works crews were able to make significant progress opening up access on some roads that have been overwhelmed with fallen trees and power lines.

Today, Public Works crews will work primarily on snow and ice control, opening up roads closed off due to debris and assisting PUD crews in all divisions with access issues. After evaluating the current work load, it was determined that one crew will continue to work with the contractor specializing in tree removal to address remaining danger trees. Roads listed are not cleared and remain closed due to impassability. At this time, official closures still are:
Brae Burn Road
Cedar Brae Road
Chiwawa Loop Road (MP 0.00 3.20)
North Shore Road
River Road
Shugart Flats Road
White River Road

Chelan County Public Utility District:
Restoration work moves into final stages for Chelan PUD:

An estimated 168 customers along the south shore of Lake Wenatchee are the final group waiting to have power restored following a week long snow and ice storm that once had nearly 4,000 customers in the Plain-Lake Wenatchee-Coles Corner areas without electricity just before Christmas.

Crews are being reassigned from repairs on the major transmission lines and substations to work on service restorations at individual homes now that most of the larger infrastructure has been rebuilt and reconnected. If customers in areas other than the south shore of Lake Wenatchee do not had power restored, they are asked to call the PUD at (509) 663-8121 to report it. Customers may need to do repair work on their own connection points at the home if damage has occurred and new information is posted on the PUD website to help explain the steps and the responsibilities. This information is also being mailed to customers in the Plain-Lake Wenatchee areas.

Progress was made on Wednesday restoring power to the north shore area of Lake Wenatchee, most of the Fish Lake area and other scattered pockets of customers.

A renewed technical assessment of the fiber-optic infrastructure will be done today and Friday to determine the best approach to repairs on that system. A major link remained severed in the Beaver Hill area southeast of Plain.

Several contract crews from Potelco and Hawkeye were being released from the area today, along with one mutual aid crew from Okanogan County. The status of remaining mutual aid crews will be reassessed today

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