Ray’s Cabin Web Weather Page

rayweather For many years we have been pleased to share Ray’s Cabin Weather Site on Lake Wenatchee Info. Ray’s rich page of weather info has been bookmarked and used daily many of us over the years.  As some of you have recently experienced, hosting by Comcast for Ray’s original site (http://home.comcast.net/~rmakela/jpeg/) ceased in November and we have working diligently with Ray to transition the hosting of  his weather station to  Lake Wenatchee Info.  We are happy to report that our efforts have been successful! To keep up with Ray’s weather reporting from the North Shore of Lake Wenatchee, please update your link to his new location at Ray’s Weather Station. Weather Forecasts, Warnings and additional live weather stations can be found on our Weather Page.

We have a number of development projects in process for the site, stay tuned.

Dave, George and Rob