Recognition for local Emergency Medical Service

Aid 113

There has been great news recently about the quality of Emergency Medical Care in our area. The Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (Washington Cares) statistics for 2012 have shown Chelan and Douglas Counties as having the best survival rates in the nation for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest incidents. This remarkable achievement is the result of good leadership and hard work by the leaders of the EMS services in our area and the paramedics, EMT\’s, medical responders and firefighters that perform the service. A concentrated effort to train area responders in the delivery of high-performance CPR and integrated use of AED\’s (defibrillators) is credited with bringing about the remarkable increase in the survivability rates in these incidents. Dr. Lance Jobe supervises the policies and practices followed by responders in our region and the criteria he prescribes are carried into training and practice by our own Cascade Medical responders and firefighters of Fire Districts 9 and 4 in the Lake Wenatchee, Plain, Ponderosa, Chiwawa Pines and US 2 communities. Brian Pulse is the EMS Director for Cascade Medical and had provided much of the training to the departments in our upper-valley area.
We also have two great reasons to be proud of our local responders. Mike Stanford is a firefighter with District 9 at Lake Wenatchee and an EMT with Cascade Medical. Mike is often the EMT manning the Aid Car/ambulance in the Lake Wenatchee area. Evan Wood is a resident of our area, an EMT, a volunteer firefighter with District 9 and a full-time Lieutenant with the Chelan Fire Department. Mike and Evan were recently among the nominees to be the 2012 EMT of the Year of the Greater Wenatchee Emergency Medical Services Council. We\’re very proud of them both!
Also of great pride to our Fire Department is that Fire District 9 at Lake Wenatchee was selected as the Agency of the Year by the Greater Wenatchee EMS Council, citing the firefighters proficiency at delivering CPR, the number of medical responders and EMT\’s in our department, the excellence of care provided by firefighters prior to the arrival of EMT\’s and the initiative of the department in being early-on to learn the administration of high-performance CPR.

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