chippingAn information meeting will be held on April 5th at 10am at Mountain Springs Lodge to learn about local firewise efforts and the June chipping Project. Get details and sign up to participate in the DNR grant funded 50/50 (your labor counts) cost share chipping project scheduled for June, 2014.
For more information Contact Deb Newell 509 670-3286

This really is an important issue in our community folks. The North Shore fire last summer illustrated what can happen in the dry windy conditions that are common here during the fire season. People that took advantage of this chipping program last year were delighted with the results. Please consider being part of this effort to clean up your property to reduce the risk level and encourage your neighbors to do the same- the safety of your home depends on the condition of your neighbors property as much as the condition of your own.

The local fire district is solidly supportive of this project and encourages you to be part of it. Please join us at this meeting to find out how to protect your home.

George & Jimi Wilson