The Republican and Democrat parties of Chelan County both have their caucuses approaching. Inasmuch as Washington State now has a formal balloted presidential primary there will be no formal vote for presidential choices at these caucuses but delegates to the County conventions will be selected and platform issues and priorities discussed.

Republican elephant 1Republican caucus: The caucus for all precincts in the Lake Wenatchee, Plain, Chiwawa Pines, US2 area (precincts 111, 112, 113,114, 115 and 116) will be held at the Plain Community Church on Chapel Drive in Plain on Saturday, February 20th. Doors will open for registration at 8:30 AM, the meeting will begin at 10AM.


Democrat donkey 2Democrat caucus: The caucus for all precincts in the lake Wenatchee area will be held jointly with Leavenworth precincts at the Icicle River Middle School at 10195 Titus Road, Leavenworth, at 10AM on Saturday, March 26th.