Rivercom 911 Sales Tax Renewal

 Approval of this levy renewal is important to continuation of emergency services in our area, Folks. Please read this and support renewal of the levy.

Ballots arrive this next week to voters in Chelan and Douglas Counties. Voters will be asked to approve the continuation/renewal of the Rivercom 911 Emergency Communication Systems and Facilities tax which is a 1/10th of 1% sales tax levy that anyone who pays sales tax in both Counties (Including visitors) It directly supports Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue and all other fire departments in Chelan/Douglas County by providing funding to maintain firefighter’s radios, replace and maintain mountain top repeater systems and 911 dispatch consoles as well as keeps our dispatch service fees affordable. It has had a meaningful impact on our 911 system and improved our ability to respond to emergencies. For additional information please visit rivercom911.org or