Rollie’s Fishing Update

salmon-sockeye_1066In my previous report, I indicated that a very strong Lake Wenatchee sockeye run (110,000) was anticipated, and we could see a opening as soon as July 18th.  But I noted that fisheries management is dependent on several factors so, “stay tuned”.  One of those factors is weather and water conditions.  Currently the Wenatchee River water temperature is at 70-72 degrees and with low water conditions only 5000 fish have gone over Tumwater Dam! Fish have been reported dead at the mouth of the river and behind the dam. This is a major crisis for this run of fish.  Not only will we not make the escapement goal, but it is my assessment that there will be NO fishery. Stay tuned for the official word from the DFWL.

Every fish will be needed to save this run of wild fish.

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