On October 15th the Chelan County Planning Commission approved draft proposals for the regulation of short-term rentals (STR’s) in  the unincorporated areas of Chelan County. The draft proposals can be viewed in their entirety at
Of particular interest to Lake Wenatchee residents is that the draft proposals provide for sunsetting (eliminating over time) already-operating STR’s in RR2.5 and RV zones but does not provide for sunsetting in RW zones. All homesites/land parcels above and below Cedar Brae Road on the South Shore are designated RW as is everything between Lake Wenatchee Highway and the lake on the North Shore, meaning that STR’s would be permitted in those areas. Most of the lots in those areas are less than a half acre, many of them less than a quarter acre, thus structures there are most often quite close together.
To view zoning designations, lot size information and more on the Chelan County GIS mapping system:
            Click on the highlighted link to Interactive Map
            Click on Continue
            Scroll the map up to the Lake Wenatchee area
            On the left side of the screen click on the Layer List which is depicted by three sheets of paper                      On the layer list click on Roads and Zones
            Click on + to zoom in on the area you wish to look at
            Click on any parcel to view lot size, etc for that property
The currently posted schedule for the STR process does not show a date the County Commissioners will begin deliberations on the draft proposals.
For further information on the STR issue go to the Community Development page for this topic at    https://www.co.chelan.wa.us/community-development/pages/short-term-vacation-rentals-str-code-development     There are links there to many documents, timetables and other data there.