Guest Content Policy:

This website is operated by local residents as a means to communicate local events, concerns, emergency situations, issues of interest and general information for local residents, part-timers and visitors to the Lake Wenatchee area.

The administrators of the website will post information upon request without judging those postings beyond being appropriate for a public forum and on a topic or issue focused on this specific area. If a piece is submitted for posting by or for a group or organization, that group or organization must be identified on the posting. Submitted posts will be posted by the user Guest Post. Items posted by the administrators which takes a editorial position on an issue, will be identified as the personal opinion of the writer and our names will always be attached. Generic informational posts will frequently be posted by the user Admin. Individual candidates for local office are encourage to submit articles for publication, these articles will be posted as Guest Post. Articles of support or non-support of political issues will be posted without comment by the administrators so long as the issue is focused on this immediate area, for example; county taxing issues, road maintenance, county policy on short-term rentals, Chelan PUD commissioner elections or issues.

Articles submitted concerning statewide or national political issues or candidates will not be posted. The administrators reserve the right to limit the number and frequency of any political postings.

The administrators of the website will not edit or censor posted articles, with the exception of any determined to be inappropriate in any way for this public forum. Items posted that are vulgar in language, threatening, in violation of an individuals privacy, unacceptably demeaning or attacking, items not on-topic or uniquely targeted to our area will be removed from the website by the administrators. The administrators reserve the right to format any Guest Posts.