Winter came late but it\’s hit with a bang!  Twelve feet of snow and still counting. We had another 3 or 4 inches of snow yesterday and now  we have a frozen crust of about 1/2 inch thick on top of the snow. The trees are dumping ice chunks, basically pretty ugly,  and possibly dangerous in the woods so be careful!

The Morning Grooming Report Link is above.

GEORGE\’S SNOW REPORT:  6:00 AM,  Monday, March 10th, 2014,  on the South Shore of Lake Wenatchee:
We\’ve received no new snow since March 4th but have had a lot of rain.    It\’s 36 degrees this morning with intermittent rain.  The cumulative snow total for the season is now at 131.0  inches.  One-month snowfall from Feb 3 to March 4 was 107.0 inches.     See the forecast for Lake Wenatchee by clicking on the Weather Forecast link on the left side of this screen.

This snow report will usually be updated about 7AM if there is significant snow activity to report. Snowfall information is also available by clicking on the Snow On the Ground report below. Get current Lake Wenatchee weather reports and forecasts by clicking on Lake Wenatchee weather on the left side of the home page. See the river flow forecast at Flows. At the lake we seem to get about 3/4 of those predicted rises or falls.

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Snow On The Ground Report
State Park Trail Map in PDF Format (2.5mb)
Nason Ridge Trail Map in PDF Format
Cross Country Ski Trail Information:
Northwest Avalanche Center:

Preparations for the Skating Rink on Fish Lake at the Cove has hit a speed bump. Due to liability concerns, the operator of the Cove is not permitting the shed with the ice skates and grooming equipment on the premises. However there is nothing to stop people from picking up the skates at the shed, now located at the Lake Wenatchee Recreation Center, and going to the Cove, or anywhere else, to ice skate. There has been no decision as to whether ice grooming will take place, which will depend on the availability of volunteers. However there are times when mother nature does the ice grooming, making the whole lake a rink.
Please contact Gary Schuster via email at for the combination of the shed.
There have been discussions with several individuals who are interested in relocating operations to a land based location. This presents a whole new set of challenges. Please feel free to offer suggestions.
Will keep everyone posted.

Gary Schuster

(Rob\’s working on a new table for this year. Until it\’s finished, we\’ll just list out the amounts)

Nov 5        1 inch
Nov 7       .25
Nov 16     .25
Dec 2      4.0
Dec 13      .5
Dec 21     1.5       6.5 total
Jan 8        .25     6.75
Jan 9       3.0       9.75
Jan 10     2.0      11.75
Jan 29     8.0     19.75
Jan 30      .75     20.50
Feb 3       1.0      21.50
Feb 7        .50     22.00
Feb 9      2.75    24.75
Feb 18     4.0      28.75
Feb 11    14.75    43.50
Feb 12    2.75     46.25
Feb 14    5.50     51.75
Feb 15    1.75     53.50
Feb 16   7.75      61.25
Feb 17   18.00  79.25
Feb 18   4.25    83.50
Feb 19   11.5     95.00
Feb 20  7.25   102.25
Feb 21   2.25   104.50
Feb 23  5.50   110.00
Feb 23  4.50   114.50
Feb 24  8.50  123.00
Mar 2   4.25   127.25
Mar 3  13.50  140.75
Mar 4   2.00  142.75