Snow Reports……


I’ve had several emails this morning inquiring about the weather we’re getting. The short answer is we’re getting snow-  lots of it with more to come. This storm was not to arrive until later today but snow started about 3AM this morning. At 11AM we’ve received 11.5 inches and it’s snowing heavily.  At 18 degrees this is still pretty dry, light snow but the forecast shows warming temps and perhaps some rain which would turn this snow already down into a heavy, wet mess.  

Snow updates with daily accumulations and cumulative year-to-date figures are regularly provided on this website. Go to the homepage of and click on “Reports” and under “Daily Snowfall” click on Lake Wenatchee.  These reports will usually be updated early each morning unless I’m away which is rare. If it’s a period of heavy snowfall those reports may also be updated during the day. Merry Christmas!!