Special Showing; Era of Megafires; Monday, Oct 2nd

The Snowy Owl Theatre at the Sleeping Lady resort will host a special screening of the Era of Megafires Monday, October 2nd, with the goal of turning this mixed media, traveling presentation on wildfire in the west into a feature length film. North 40 productions will be filming this event as the foundation for their efforts to create a digital documentary that can be used as a widely distributed education tool.  Doors open at 5PM and the screening begins at 6PM. IMPORTANT: If you are interested in attending, please RSVP to sararolfs@nwi.net

For over 30 years Dr. Paul Hessburg and his team have worked with passion and expertise to understand why highly destructive megafires throughout the Western United States have been on an alarming rise. As they began to discover the ecology behind what’s happening and its relationship to forest management, an epiphany came: the rise of megafires might have an ecological explanation, but in reality, they are a social problem with social solutions. In other words, if we are going to keep our most celebrated lands from catastrophic destruction it will take all of us as homeowners, community leaders and voters. So Paul approached North 40 Productions with this simple question: How do we teach people who know very little about forest ecology about this fairly complex problem? It was in this intersection between science, storytelling and a passion to reach the masses that the Era of Megafires Presentation was born.