State Approves Plain Pot Farm; Please Stay Involved!

Pot farm 1-1-16

Despite receiving many objections from area residents and objection by Chelan County, the State Liquor and Cannabis Board has approved issuance of a license for operation of an outdoor marijuana-growing operation at 18800 Beaver Valley Road in “downtown” Plain.  Many local folks had told the state of their opposition to this location based on odor,  public safety and water concerns and the close proximity of the operation to homes, school bus stops, wineries, other commercial enterprises and recreation facilities.

On February 1st the Chelan County Planning Commission sent to the County Commissioners a recommendation that a two-year ban be placed on marijuana growing or processing operations not yet in operation. This would provide two years for the County to assess the issues identified above and craft zoning requirements or changes to County Code that would govern the location and operation of these enterprises. Business’s already in operation can apply for a non-conforming designation status to continue operations so as not to lay off already- working employees.  The Commissioners will discuss the recommended ban at their meeting on February 9th. They have the options of taking no action,  imposing this ban immediately, imposing it retro-actively or completely disregarding the recommended action and drafting their own.  

In light of State approval of this Plain operation, the County Commissioners are the only entity with the authority to delay this project until the many issues involved are thoroughly scrutinized. It’s vital that the Commissioners get the message that people have great concerns about this proposed operation. If you can, please do plan to attend the Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, February 9th at 10:15 AM at their chambers at 400 Douglas Street, Wenatchee. Numbers talk so please make every effort to make your opinion heard and counted. If you cannot attend in person, please email those concerns to the Commissioners at:           (Comment on our Facebook Page)