Hi skiers,

No “official” ski report today (today is equipment maintenance day), but we could sure use some of our trusty volunteers again. The last chinook wind that blew through the other day brought lots of sticks down onto the ski trails in the south part of the park- they will need to be thrown off to the side of the trails before we do the final grooming Friday and open up the south on Saturday. I know- short notice!

If anyone would like to help out, please give us a call (509-763-3101 or 509-630-0038) and let us know you are coming, then just drive in past the closed signs at the south gate, park in the parking lot by the beach, and walk the trails- throwing any branches and sticks off to the side of the trail as you go. Then… let us know which trails you covered, so the next volunteers don’t duplicate your efforts.

Then… come out and ski, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor 🙂

Thank you in advance!!!
Bruce and Rick