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One of the Fire Department Commissioners, Rollie Schmitten put our fundraising efforts in perspective for us a few years back; every dollar donated goes toward continued training and equipment that allows our firefighters to be better prepared to “Save Lives and Protect Our Property”.

This past weekend Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue Auxiliary hosted one of our largest fundraisers and social events of the year.

This year was filled with challenges starting with moving the sale from the station near Lake Wenatchee to the station next to Beaver Valley School and then a few weather events like wind, rain and snow. But the spirits were high both from the public and the auxiliary members working the event.

I can report that this year’s yard sale was a huge success!!! We “recycled” all of the donated goods and doubled our donation dollars from two years ago. Not sure if it was the new location or more goods but it was a huge success. What was left over went to other good causes like the Veterans Warehouse in Wenatchee, and the Wenatchee High School Golden Apple Marching Band Textile Recycling program. Also, a local metal scrapper took our miscellaneous metal objects to recycle.

What Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue does with the money:

The money that is donated at the sale goes directly into a fund that is used throughout the year to send our firefighters to specific training related to their jobs, along with equipment required to better support our safety. Some examples are rope rescue equipment which has already been used several times on Highway 2 extrications, water rescue gear, and breathing apparatus for the firefighters so that they can enter smoke filled homes. They also have purchased test and calibration equipment recommended by the Washington State Survey and Rating Bureau in order to get us the best insurance rating they can. And, all of the money received through these donations bares no overhead costs, no administration costs; it goes directly one for one into the funds used to save lives and protect property.

There were several significant donations made this year and for those of you that did so we so appreciate your generosity. One came from a long time resident of Fish Lake who wanted to show her appreciation for all of the support over the years and then there is one that I would hold up, that touches the heart of all that I tell. This donation was given to our department on behalf of one of the fallen Wildland fire fighters, Tom Zbyszewski. The donation came in a card with the following inside, “with gratitude for all of you, firefighters and support staff, and in honor of the firefighters who gave their lives this summer, especially Tom Zbyszewski, a friend of our daughter.”

We continue to receive donations and if you want to help, please feel free to send your donations to: Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue Auxiliary, 21696 Lake Wenatchee Highway, Leavenworth, WA 98826.

Thanks to the Lake Wenatchee and Upper Valley Community for allowing us to make this a big success for all of you.

Dennis Broughton, President

Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue Auxiliary