Suspect telephone calls in area………

A Shugart Flats resident reports answering a phone call at her home today that showed as “Out of Area” on caller ID. The caller was a very polite young man with what sounded to be a East Indian or Middle Eastern accent. He addressed the lady answering the call by name, pleasantly asked if she was having a nice day, etc. The lady Informed the caller that she was very busy and asked that he get to the point of his call. The caller stated that he was calling about the lady’s Microsoft Windows. At this point the lady terminated the call by hanging up. She subsequently contacted the Sheriff’s office and Rivercom and was told there has been a pattern of these calls in the recent past and they appear to be targeting senior citizens. I have some experience with this kind of stuff and this lady did the right thing by immediately hanging up. Whatever you do don’t allow a caller like this talk you into going online with your computer at his request, don’t provide any personal or identifier information and do call the non-emergency number at Rivercom (663-9911) and report the incident.

UPDATE: a similar call was received by another Shugart Flats resident about 7AM Monday. When the called party began to challenge the caller they terminated the call.

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  • Nancy Miller October 5, 2013, 2:06 pm

    I got a call like that a week or so ago, also. I’ll bet there were lots in the neighborhood at that time. I didn’t report it because I didn’t have any info (I was forewarned by the Wenatchee World article, but the call had all the characteristics of a scam) — and I see that RiverCom got the info from others. Sorry, Rivercom.