CaptureAs you’re aware by now Chelan PUD has decided to rebuild fiber on Cedar Brae Road but it will be a prolonged process. The estimated 19-week repair time includes a six-week bidding period to sign a contractor and/or buy supplies, a week to get the job started in the field and an approximately 12-week build-out time, according to PUD fiber director Mike Coleman. That takes us at least into mid-June and only after that will re-connecting service to homes begin as I understand it.

I inquired with our provider, LocalTel, of the availability of any alternate source of internet access (except dial-up) until fiber is restored. They responded with the possibility of a temporary wireless  system broadcast from the North Shore of the lake, and we have identified one location that appears to have the potential to provide wireless coverage to the entire South Shore. The owners of that property have consented to such an installation.

LocalTel stresses that any possible service provided by this means would
be temporary until fiber is restored because it is adequate only for most basic
internet/email use, but is not capable of fiber speeds and does not provide
television or telephone. LocalTel will install an 18″ dish on your home
that would need access to power and then run a CAT5 line to your current
router location.They estimate that installation of
service at most homes would be about $100 install cost and the monthly
charge then about $39 a month. Speeds of service that could be expected
range from a low of 6 Mbps to possibly 20 mgs download and 1 to 2 Mbps
upload. LocalTel is estimating that based on adequate support they could
have the base station in place perhaps even by the end of next week.

If you have interest in this temporary service, please express that
interest as soon as possible to LocalTel by contacting Tracy at
509-888-9171 Also it would be better for them if
they could schedule all the individual installs over a couple of day period
of time as to keep the tech drive time down.

George Wilson

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