Thank You, 29,877 Times

As 2017 fades away, and 2018 comes into focus, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the companies and organizations who sponsor In addition to funding the technical development and hosting of this website, our sponsors’ support has allowed us to raise and distribute $5,777 this year and $29,877 since 2011 to a number of community organizations.

We are proud of our sponsors and list them here. Please continue to support them, and the next time you see them, thank them for their support of Lake Wenatchee Info.

Lake Wenatchee Properties – Steve Craig
Leavenworth Electric & Excavation – Mike McComas
Icicle Creek Center for the Arts – Harriet Bullitt
TJ Custom Cut Lumber -Tim Gellatly
Butler Window Washing – Jeb & Sarah Butler
Sparkling Spas – Jeb & Sarah Butler
Grunwald Guild- Vonda and Jim Drees
Kahler Glen Athletic Club – Bill Miller
Comfy Cabins – Jeanie Bethel & Denise Ericson
Beaver Valley Lodge – Tom Kay
59er Diner – Joe Cannata
Midway Village – Gayle Evans
Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group – Jason Lundgren
First Choice Electric – Mike Brunelle
Harvest Valley Pest Control – David Kaylor

This year, we provided support to the following organizations that are key contributors to our community in their own right:

The Pantry is located in Plain and works daily to help those in need. While providing much needed food assistance, they also organize clothing for children and teach families how to live within their means. While other social nets are slowly vanishing, this organization continues to strengthen the families in our community by providing basic community services.

The Lake Wenatchee YMCA and Lake Wenatchee Camp Zanika Lache work with children of all ages and walks of life, teaching social, survival, and interpersonal skills. In many cases, these organizations provide the only introduction to a rural environment that children receive. By focusing on our children, they are focusing on our future as a community and country. We wholeheartedly support both of these organizations and the education that they provide to our children.

When an emergency happens, we can count on our Volunteer Fire Department District #9. This dedicated group spends hundreds of hours training, practicing, drilling and preparing to quickly answer our 911 calls. Each one of them lives here; they are our neighbors. We are proud to assist them and support them as valued members of our community.

Our area is known for its beauty and recreational opportunities. Two organizations work diligently to preserve our lands and encourage recreational opportunities. The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust and Washington Trails Association watch out for our lands and work to keep them open for future enjoyment and recreational endeavors. From CDL’s work protecting the White River and Tall Timber Ranch’s conservation easements to the Washington Trails Association’s maintenance of hiking routes, we are proud to support these two organizations in their environmental and recreational efforts.

As a volunteer organization ourselves, we depend on our Sponsors, Advertisers, and YOU…our thousands of website visitors, email readers and Facebook users who find value in the information we provide. Feel free to Email us photos and suggestions. We’re always looking for ways to improve. Email:

We thank you for supporting Lake Wenatchee Info and value our online partnerships.

Together, let us welcome the New Year!

Dave Neir
Rob Shurtleff
George Wilson
Henk Jordaan
Linda Wood
Laura Timberlake