Thank You for Caring!

Over the past month our community has demonstrated an outpouring of support and care during this difficult time for John, Will and puppy “Vincent” Humphreys. Since Christine’s passing in a house fire Christmas Eve, John and Will have received emotional and financial support from many of you.

Our community has been extremely generous financially as we raised over $10,000 to help provide for the family’s immediate financial needs. In addition, there has been an outpouring of physical donations such as clothing, furniture and other items.

We wish to thank the Bill and Yvonne Freist who continue to work with John daily and are coordinating many of the tasks needing to be done.

From all of us at, we thank YOU, our community for demonstrating your generosity, emotional support and helping attitude during this difficult time.

Dave Neir
Rob Shurtleff
George Wilson

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