004The annual Jim Sofie Memorial Polar Bear Plunge will take place New Year’s Day at 2pm in the South unit of Lake Wenatchee State Park. Following the verbal disclaimer about the change in blood pressure once you jump in and the impact that has on your system, the participants will start their jump at 2pm and witnesses are encouraged to cheer them on.  The EMTs will be present, just in case.

Following this cold dip, participants are invited to get a free bowl of chili at The Honeycomb Restaurant at Kahler Glen. Participants, guests and the cheering supporters are welcome to come to the Kahler Glen Athletic Club and warm up in the hot tub, pool or sauna as the club is holding an Open House from 2:30 to 4pm.  The Honeycomb Restaurant will be open and ready to serve the guests from 2:15ish pm until well after 4pm.

January 1st is a free day at the park and Park Staff will not be checking for Sno-Park permits between 1:30pm to 3pm.  This event is sponsored by The Kahler Glen Community Association, The Lake Wenatchee Winter Recreation Association, The Honeycomb Restaurant and the Kahler Glen Athletic Club.  Donations are welcome and will be shared between the State Park and the Lake Wenatchee Winter Recreation Association in support of their winter recreation programs.

Those participants who will be making their 3rd dip will be eligible to receive a Polar Bear T-shirt.    Contact person: Bill Miller 763.0560     Our Facebook page for Questions & Comments. Lakewenatcheeinfo