The bears are here……..

North Shore garbageResidents of both the North Shore and South Shores of Lake Wenatchee are again reporting sightings of bears or evidence of their presence. The photo here was taken on the North Shore this week. Please be mindful that either garbage cans or birdfeeders can each draw a black bear from two miles or more and that once bears become accustomed to human-provided food they will stick around. We watched bear tear the railing off a neighbors house a couple years ago to get to a bird feeder. The State Fish and Game folks remind us that “A fed bear is a dead bear” because if they cannot be dissuaded of their habit of feeding on garbage or other sources in populated areas they frequently end up being destroyed. None of us want that. Please be mindful of your garbage and do not put the cans out until the morning of pick-up. If you’re a weekender and cannot do that-  please take it home with you or arrange for a neighbor or property manager to do that for you. Use caution when moving around at night or in the woods-  make plenty of noise and make your presence known so not to startle an unsuspecting bear. They will usually move on if they hear you coming.