The Pantry

The Pantry

A Ministry of Plain Community Church
12565 Chapel Drive
Thursdays: 1PM – 7PM
Second Saturdays: 9AM – 1PM

Need Food Assistance? We can help.

As followers of Jesus Christ, it is our desire to heed His call to love our neighbor. We aim to provide food assistance to people in our community who find themselves in difficult circumstances, to connect surplus food with people who can utilize it, and to provide resources and information about whole foods to interested people. If you need food assistance, you are very welcome to come to our office.

The Pantry is a Food Bank

We seek to help people in the Plain valley and vicinity who find themselves in difficult circumstances by providing them with staple foods, and other foods as we have them available. The sign-up process is simple, and it is our desire to provide assistance that meets the need as much as we are able. With that in mind, our staff will work with individuals and families to determine level of need in a manner that is confidential and respectful. Life circumstances fluctuate, and we will aim to keep our services flexible and responsive.

The Pantry is a gleaning program

We are working on developing a gleaning program that will expand and build upon the “gleaning” that is already happening around Chelan County. Basically, a gleaning program is a system of gathering excess food from farmers, orchardists, and retailers that would otherwise go to waste, and distributing it to people who can use it. This is a participatory program. If you are willing to occasionally pick-up gleaned food, you get to take a box of food home with you! To sign up for this program, please stop by The Pantry during open hours or call the contact number. Excess food collected through this program will help stock food bank shelves.

The Pantry is a whole/bulk foods co-op

Are you interested in purchasing food at bulk prices, but don’t want to hassle with 25-100 lb freight bags? Would you like to add more eco-farmed, organic, or locally and regionally purchased food to your diet, but aren’t sure where to get it after the Farmer’s Market closes in the Fall? Would you try using minimally processed, mineral-rich sea salt instead of the chemically processed kind if it were easily available? Stop by The Pantry and check out our whole/bulk food section! Suggested donation amounts on packages reflect actual cost of the food. Any monies receives in excess of of the cost of the food will support other programs of The Pantry. And stop in the second Saturday of every month for fresh-baked, whole grain breads. First come, first served!

The Pantry gratefully accepts donations of many kind, including:

  • Non-perishable foods
  • Fresh produce
  • Office supplies
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Monetary gifts

Gifts to The Pantry, through Plain Community Church, are tax-deductible.

For more information, email us at, visit, or call Joanna Norby at 763-2158.