Nearly 50 people showed up Saturday afternoon at Kahler Glen for an informational meeting on Weyerhaeuser’s proposed timber harvest on Nason Ridge.  The meeting was conducted by Eric Prestbo from Stellerwood and Tim Gallagher from Kahler Glen.

Information shared included history of selective logging by Longview Timber along Nason Ridge, Google maps of the proposed logging, excerpts from Weyerhaeuser’s forest practice application showing the board feet to be removed, number of trees to remain per acre (Over 10” dbh—4), and photos of recent flagging displaying the words “end of clear-cut.”

A lot of people like that gorgeous, shady Nason Ridge Trail #1583 and are not happy with how Weyerhaeuser has clear-cut other parcels in the area.

Discussion centered on the importance of providing factual comments to the Department of Natural Resources around the concerns of snow avalanche dangers, mudslides (Oso disaster was brought up by several participants) and erosion, water quality, fire risk, and impact to wildlife, hunting, and summer and winter recreation.

The D.N.R.  is accepting public comments via email on the FPAs –due date WEDNESDAY 07/12/17 to .  ALL COMMENTS MUST INCLUDE THE FOREST APPLICATION NUMBER 2706275 AND IDENTIFY WEYERHAEUSER AS THE LAND OWNER.

They welcome any technical or local knowledge that will help them make the best informed decision through their Interdisciplinary Team (IDT).

If you want to receive more detailed information, please email