In addition to the Chiwawa Road closure, a number of local roads have now been closed (residents excepted) including the White River Road and the Little Wenatchee Road. These closures are precautionary.

From the Wenatchee World:
Chelan Complex (including the merged Reach, Black Canyon, First Creek, Wolverine and Blankenship fires):

The Wolverine Fire continued to burn down the Entiat Valley on Monday, reaching the Cottonwood Guard Station overnight. Crews are doing structure protection near Silver Falls Campground and building fire line in the Tommy Creek area. The fire put up smoke columns in the Garland and Snow Brushy Creek areas on Monday.

While people in the Chiwawa River drainage and Lake Wenatchee area to the southwest are concerned, fire spokeswoman Margo Whitt said the fire would have to cross several ridges and drainages to do that.