Upper Wenatchee Forest Service Project

This map shows the study area in green, and the area of historic fires in orange.  The Wenatchee River Ranger District held a meeting Tuesday night about the proposed Upper Wenatchee Pilot Project. The goal of this project is to restore forest health and fire resiliency while also improving wildlife habitat, improving watershed function, and creating sustainable user access. The result will be a community and forest that is better prepared for future wildfires.

The methods proposed to achieve these goals include both commercial and non-commercial thinning and prescribed burns.

The project is still in the scoping phase and the USFS would like to hear comments, specifically regarding alternative ideas to reach the stated goals, information about the project area that you believe is critical to the proposed activities, and what specific concerns the public might have about the proposal. Comments can be submitted online at: Forest Service Comment

The USFS anticipates completing the scoping phase of this project in the next few weeks and having an Environmental Assessment draft ready for public input by Fall/ Winter 2019.

Thanks to Michelle Tiegel for attending and taking notes.

Map care of Wenatchee World, for Wen World subscribers a good article on the plan is here