The proposal by Weyerhaeuser to do some significant logging and road building on Nason Ridge above Kahler Glen, Stellerwood and Cedar Brae Road (see map) has aroused concern about the proposed logging creating conditions similar to what triggered the Oso landslide in 2014. After the 1990 floods and slides at Lake Wenatchee the U.S. Forest Service produced a video showing results of the flooding, explaining the geological/topographical formation of the area and explaining why slides occur. This is produced from an old video tape and is somewhat grainy but very worth your while in trying to understand the potential consequences of altered drainage and soil stability. Watch the video

DNR will accept comments on the proposed logging project only until Wednesday, July 12th.

Email your comments to    All comments MUST include the Forest Application Number #2706275 and the name of the landowner-   Weyerhaeuser.

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