2012-12-27_12-28-55_427Volunteers- Now that we seem to be in the month of April-ruary and the snow is melting, we are once again looking for lots of volunteers to help us remove smaller branches and debris left over from the December storm. There is LOTS of work left to do and we hope to pull together as many folks as possible, starting this Sunday (the 24th) around mid-day.

The job includes a lot of picking up and tossing sticks and limbs and raking in the areas where the snow has melted. A few limbs may be frozen in place and might need to be dug out with a shovel or cut out with loppers, but most work will be done in snow-free areas. Park staff will haul it all to the burn pile.

If you are interested in helping out, please leave a message at the park at (509) 763-3101, including the number of people, and what time works best, and your phone number (or do the same via email). We\’ll then settle on a time and place and get back to you. If you have your own tools, such as shovels or loppers, it might be helpful to bring them.

Thanks to all past and future volunteers- we REALLY appreciate your help!
Lake Wenatchee crew

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