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Lake Wenatchee State Park 2015 “First Hike”

The Northwest Road Show is doing segments on State Parks and is going to be at Lake Wenatchee State Park  Friday, Jan 20th, 11Am –1 ish. Cross-country skiers, snowshoers and sledders of all ages needed. Please come to the North section of the State Park and help us show what a great winter Wonderland  Lake Wenatchee State Park is!!!

The crew is filming from the roads, they won’t be on skis. They are filming both at the North and South parts of the State Park and Kahler Glen trails. I think it sounds like it is best for people to congregate with sleds, skis and snowshoes at the North Park as that is where the sled hill is and I think one of the best views. Maybe we could even get a fire and a picnic going in the Shelter over towards the horseshoe pit.. Questions?  Call Mary at 206-650-7511