Warm Rain on Snow, How High does the Lake Go?

nooncam2As a very warm rain hits the snow we traditionally see the highest water levels (briefly) of the year, 2.5 inches were recorded by 5pm on Tuesday. Click on the photo attached to this post to see where various river levels correlate to when looking at Lake Wen 1 Cam. The levels are as seen on the river levels page.

The 14 foot level*, which was in November of 2006 was high enough to be above the edge of the photo. At this level a number of docks floated off the tops of pilings. The second photo is from this event. flood2006

There were two high water events in the 90s, the second of which in 1995 set the local record* at 17.8′ (a 500 year event). Water was running thru the Pizza Place below the headwaters, over the road and thru the Parkside Grocery. At this level the road to the bridge was not acting as a dike and water poured out of Nason Creek and Lake Wenatchee both under the bridge and across the road at the Headwaters. The water was to the top of the doors on the lower level of the Headwaters.

*Peshastin Gauge, there used to be a Lake Wenatchee Gauge, now retired.